Monday, August 23, 2010

Leaps and Bounds

This is me in my latest piece of equipment it is called a bumbo

I wanted to keep this blog happy and positive and I have some really great news about my progress! All of this has happened in the last week.

My vision... My eyes seem to have improved! To focus on my hand I used to hold my fingers 5cms from my face, and to see my fingers now I hold them around 15cm from my face! I can also see that people are there from further away too!

My right arm... I used my right arm to stretch my back. I lifted it right up above my head and did my       "I'm so tired but I'm awake stretch"

My left arm... I hadn't seen my Great Grandma for a while and when she was giving me a cuddle. I straightened my back, lifted my head pushed my self out with my arm and looked around - you have never seen someone so excited to see what I can do.

My left fingers... I can seperate out my fingers now. I can put one or as many as I want to in my mouth. I can isolate my thumb only if that's what I feel like doing. (I still can't grab or hold though)

My left leg... I was rocking out in my bouncer- my favourite thing in the world, and I kicked my foot on the corner of the wall. Mum thought I would cry, but I tapped my foot around to find it again and I kicked myself away from that darn wall! It was in my way!

My Torso... As you can see I have a new piece of equipment called a bumbo. It helps me to sit by supporting my hips. It is my job to work my abdominal muscles to balance me so I can sit upright. I have had comments today from the physio about how much more strength I have in only one week.

My Eating... You may also notice that my Nasal Gastric Tube is gone. It fell out and Mum decided not to take me for a new one (I'll say yet). It's a good thing she didn't because I had forgotten how to eat. I'm all good now though, wolfing down 5 meals per day! Let's see if this helps my weight!

Thanks to everyone that takes the time to read about me. Please join as a follower so that I know you are there!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Feeding Tube vs Weight Gain

I was told that having a nasal gastric tube in was a sure fire way to "fatten" me up and to help me to grow. After having my night feeds for 7 weeks now, I have now puzzled doctors... I have still put on the same amount of weight as I was normally without the tube.
The thing is having the tube in has made me not want to eat like I did normally during the day, I gag on my foods - and I have started being sick on formula during the night because of it. It has been suggested that I now be fed through my NGT for day time feeds too- not something I want to do. The truth is I LOVE FOOD, I LOVE TO EAT it makes me excited and my eyes sparkle and dance.
Mum has this great cookbook that my Aunty Megan found for me called Wholefood for children by Jude Blereau. She got it just before I went on night feeds, and it has some great tasting receipes in it with ingredients that we hadn't even heard of and we are itching to see if they work for me.
Mum took my tube out last night to give me a couple of days break, ( I have been vomiting so much these last few nights) and this morning I ate a HUGE bowl of yummy cereals (semolina, wheatgerm and maple syrup) Mmmmm!
I think that for me food is the best way to help me grow. Before my tube was in place I weighed 6.78 kgs and after a month using it I weighed 6.83kgs.
I am not skinny - just little - just me, with lots still to learn about eating.