Thursday, October 28, 2010


Today I did something I had NEVER done before and we were lucky enough to catch it on camera! With a little help (but almost completely on my own) I lifted myself up! And to my complete surprise I could hold myself up so I looked around the room in amazement... I did not know I could do that- it was the greatest!! I could see things from a new perspective.
 In a room that I visit for two hours each week I showed
 my new skill.
Myo Fascial release therapy has done wonderful things for me. It loosens the tension in my muscles and makes movement easier. It will keep my bones straight and hopefully save me from many painful operations.

Mummy held my hands flat and I used my own strength to support my weight. I even managed to balance on my own! It felt like forever before I got tired and lay back down.

So this was my wonderful day. With lots of work I am going to have many more great achievements and surprises!
You just watch!


I must admit that we have all been soooo tired lately. It seems like we have been working non stop all the time, and so we should- we have a very important goal to reach. One that will change a life forever for the better.
I must also admit that with my sandy eyes I have not been working anywhere near as hard with Blaise has he deserves, but none the less we haven't stopped all together.

It feels like Blaise forever has appointments (and all early mornings too). We have been going to Myofascial release therapy at the Andrea Plumb Clinic twice a week- the best money we have ever spent for Blaise.... and swimming... and dieticians... and physios... and OTs....
Plus what we do for him at home.

But they say that with success comes renewed energy and spirit and I came by some today!
And although I am still tired I find myself itching to do more for him because Blaise wants more from himself and that is the most wonderful feeling.

I will share Blaise's glory in my next post which shows that there is a little person in my house that has been working lots harder than I thought I was.

Christmas Pie Drive

...Christmas Pie Drive...

We are running another great Homestylebake Pie drive!
There are some yummy Christmas cakes, plum puddings, rumballs and shortbreads to name just a few that have been added as extras to the normal pie drive order form.

$1 from every item sold will go directly to me to help with my therapies.

Money and order forms will need to be returned by 25th of November if you wish to participate and they will be delivered on 3rd December to our home in Roderick Street Ipswich.

If you would like an order form please let us know and we will email or post one out to you.