Tuesday, May 24, 2011

An interesting study about HBOT from 1979!!!

I just wanted to share this report with you. I thought it was interesting :) I have added comments relating to my progress in blue.


MACHADO, 1.J> Neurological Advisor of "Centro Brasileiro de Medicina Hyperbarica" - Rua Bento ale Andrade, 70, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Our personal experience with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) in patients with neurological diseases started in 1979. From theat time we have used it as an adjunct to physiotherapy in the rehabilitation of these patients. In the first four years, we worked with patients suffering from ischemic cerebral vascular accidents, and verified that the clearest and most common effect of HBOT during treatment and soon after it, was a reduction of spasticity. (Andrea my physical therapist has noticed this already in me. She went to work on my neck on Monday 23/5 after 10 sessions of HBOT. She was very surprised, it didn't have much that needed loosening and she hadn't worked my neck for a while) This was obvious clinically and functionally in hemiplegic patients and preceded motor improvements. During 1984-85, we accumulated experience with the HBOT in other pathologies, including head injury, anoxic-encephalic disorders and Multiple Sclerosis patients. The same results were found. We then decided to investigate the effect of HBOT on children  with cerebral palsy- another predominantly spastic disease. In 1985, we started working as neurological advisors for the "Centro Brasileiro de Medicina Hyperbarica" (CBMH) and selected a group of 10 children with spastic cerebral palsy who may benefit from HBOT, as they had respiratory difficulties, brocnchitis, repeated pneumonia and bronchial asthma. An HBOT treatment program was devised for this group and we observed the same reduction of spasticity in these patients. Also there was improved respiratory function, the bronchial complications disappeared and this was confirmed clinically. This initial success then led to other problems as the physiotherapists sent us other causes to be treated. The parents of affected children contacted us to try HBOT on their children. We let them know that we could find no references to this in our literature, and such a therapy, while harmless, could be unnecessary or even present temporary side effects. However, despite this, they insisted on trying it. We then looked for assistance from other specialists, including those in our university, in order to conduct scientific research on the matter, but had no support. The CDMH is a private medical office, one of few hyperbaric medicine centres in Brazil. We have commercial or corporate participation in the centre but we have since had to interrupt our collaboration, because of problems generated by accepting these patients. We found that HBOT is little known in Brazil and is considered to be "alternative medicine" by physicians, who only recognize its merit in respect to the treatment of gas gangrene. From January 1985 to April 1989, 230 patients with cerebral palsy were treated with a series of HBOT (20 sessions of 1 hour) (This is the same as I will be doing and have just finished my 12th session). In 218 (97.78%) patients, there was a clear reduction of spasticity (nearly 50% less). Frequently, clonus or the Babinski sign would disappear, with better plantar support and the abolition of the leg "scissoring" (The leg scissoring is just starting to change for me). Only 12 patients (5.21%) remained practically unchanged. They were extremely severe cases, with profound cerebral atrophy. Follow up of patients over a period of 6 or more months after HBOT was only possible in 82 (38.65%) patients as most of them did not live in Sao Paulo. We noticed that 62 (75%) patients had a persisting reduction of spasticity and better motor control. In addition, the parents reported other types of improvement, such as better balance, the child being more attentive, more "intelligent" with a reduced frequency of convulsions and episodes of bronchitis. Perhaps we have been encouraged by the patients, to place attempts at therapy before research, but we do believe that oxygen at higher dosage plays an important role in the rehabilitation of neurological patients, and has a favorable effect on neurological development of children. We expect subsequent studies will confirm this.

HBOT - Day 12

Today was a good day for me, but Mummy is getting sick and it hurt her ear terribly. She had to ask Paul to stop and he let a bit of pressure out of the chamber before we tried again. We did get there, it just took 5 minutes longer. They will go slow if someone has trouble with their ears. They won't rush you through pressurisation. We were watching ABC 2 on tv today and I just loved Play School! I had my eyes glued to the tv! Paul asked about my weight, he had noticed that my face is looking chubbier... what do you think?

And again I am looking at the camera :)

Mummy doesn't think we are going to go to our session tomorrow (Wednesday 25th May). I will wait for Daddy on Thursday, he isn't sick.

HBOT - Day 11

Well the start of another week, my third week of hyperbaric oxygen! I have been weighed again and I am 8.4kgs. This is the heaviest I have ever been and to put on just under a kilogram in one week is an all time record for me! But today I was miserable. Not much to report. I cried for an entire hour. The whole way through :(

This is me watching tv in my bubble, on a day that I wasn;t crying...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

HBOT- Day 10

Two weeks down and another two to go! Today when I was getting set up I had my legs straight and my ankles together. I only crossed them over a couple of times today. Everything was really good again. I was happy for the first part and spent my time tapping around inside my hood or chewing on my right hand! I still use my left hand to put my right hand in my mouth most of the time, but on the odd occasion now I can bring my right arm up to my mouth. The second half of the treatment I was sleepy, I cuddled in and went to sleep. I was not happy for this session to finish- They woke me up!

Daddy and Corey were here again today and I had so much to tell Daddy when I was done! Corey ran over and gave me a big kiss and cuddle and told me "You did it! You did it Blaisie!" It is wonderful to have a brother that loves me so much and thinks I can do anything! He makes me feel really clever xo

This is me hopping in the machine for session 9 (that is Stuart helping). You can see how my legs cross over, this seems to be getting better now

Thursday, May 19, 2011

HBOT - Day 9

Everyday before I go in the chamber I have my blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen saturation levels taken. I don't sit still long enough for them to get the readings before  I am treated, I wriggle too much and sometimes my toes are too cold to get a saturation reading. The reading will work pretty well when I am relaxed and have warm feet when I am done. The HBOT works well to get my circulation flowing, transporting all that wonderful oxygen through my system and that is what makes my toes warm for the reading. I don't sit under blankets or anything :)

Today when I was getting in all I wanted was a cuddle and a drink of milk. It was such a hassel to put my seal and hood on! When we were all settled and pressurised and my oxygen was flowing through, I started to tap around the inside of the bubble with the palm of my right hand. I did this alot today and I didn't cry one bit while I was in there, so the hour went really quickly. In no time it was time to hop out. I didn't have much to say about this session. I was pretty quiet.

Daddy and Corey came today, so I will have lots of new pictures to show you all, and tomorrow I will start to make a video of a treatment for you all to see!

Getting my blood pressure reading done.... I didn't give it to them though!

 This is the little deivice that takes my heart rate and oxygen saturation levels.
 If you are an adult they put it on your finger.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

HBOT - Day 8

Session 8 started the same as all the others. Paul commented again how much harder it was to get me into my seal and I was pretty happy to be there again.
We pressurised to 1.5 Atmospheres (which i found out today is the equivilant to 15 feet- technically it is not a dive though) I had my hood put on and I was a cranky pants! It is lots of work doing this everyday and alot of sitting around. Pram, train, hyperbaric, train and home. It wouldn't have helped that I am getting 4 teeth at the same time either. On the occasions that I did stop crying long enough to take a breath I tapped around on the inside of my hood and watched tv for a bit. Mostly I was miserable with my fingers in my mouth. We had to stop once to take my hood off so I could settle and cool down a bit. Inside the hood can get really hot as I'm sure you can imagine if you were howling all the time while wearing it.
When it was over and I could get my cuddles I had alot to say again. After all I have hardly seen anyone for an hour. I think I might be learning to make a new sound too. This will be the 3rd different sound I will be able to make.

There are two chambers at Hyperbaric Worx. They look just like little spaceships!

PLEASE CALL TO LET THEM KNOW YOU ARE COMING                  1300 365 186

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

HBOT- Day 7

Today once again I am really happy to go in the chamber. I give my excited kicks and Paul mentioned that he thinks my legs are getting more movement. It is getting harder for him to slip me into my rubber seal! (I have a latex ring that seals around my belly and the hood clips onto the top of this) My legs are further apart than they usually are. I normally cross them over in a tight X or a V. If you haven't seen this before it is like I would be standing on my own feet or my left foot is my right foot and my right foot is my left. It is a baby reflex that I haven't out grown yet, but perhaps I might be starting to. I dozed on and off again today- And so I should... I have been awake since 1am!
Today I was really hungry again, I ate a banana right before I went in and ate just about a whole 200g tub of yoghurt when I came out, and then a bowl of vegetables an hour and a half after that. Eating and drinking so close to entering the chamber pressures hasn't troubled me at all. I have read that it might, but it doesn't effect me. My chewing seems to be a bit better and I am tolerating meats mashed in my food now too. Onwards and upwards with my eating!

HBOT- Day 6

The Friday before I started HBOT I had an appointment with my dietician, not because I was starting this therapy- it was just my scheduled check up. So I know for a fact that before I started with hyperbaric I weighed 8.2kg (with my winter clothes on) and I was 80cm long. Mum weighed me on Sunday- again just because it is something she does from time to time, just checking on me. To her surprise I weighed about 7.5kg!!! I had no clothes on so if my winter clothes weigh 300g I have still lost 400g in one week. EEEK!!! Normally it would take me months to put that weight on! I am very glad that I had my appointment with the dietician last week and not this week...

My appetite has increased ALOT in the last week. I estimate I eat around 700g of food a day now, so in the last 9 days since I started HBOT I have eaten 6.3 Kgs of food. You would think I should have put on weight rather than losing it wouldn't you? My reasoning for my weight loss is..... my dirty nappies! It makes so much sense! SO now you can get some idea of just how many there have been in the last week or so.

My 6th session was pretty much the same as all my others, I am happy to go in the chamber, have my hood put on. I am a little bit cranky, but not too bad and I still have lots to say when we are de pressurising. Mummy noticed that I get pretty dark under my eyes after I resurface and she mentioned this to Paul (who runs the chambers). He said "That is just detoxing".... I think he was a bit surprised that this was happening so soon, because he mentioned it to Stuart (another person at hyperbaric worx). It is a really good thing to be happening. It shows that HBOT is working for my digestive system. Hence (once again) my really smelly nappies and the quantity of them. I must have heaps of toxins I need to get rid of. After being cleaned from the inside out my body should be ready for "restocking" and I should start to gain weight. Lets wait and see :)

You might be able to see that my vision is improving. I am looking up at Mummy when she takes a photo :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

HBOT- Day 5

Five days down!! A whole week of Hyperbaric Oxygen has been done! (And my nappies are still smelly, smelly, smelly!)
Today when I was on Mummy's lap waiting to go into the chamber I was kicking like crazy! I was so excited!! It was like I couldn't wait to go in! I was pretty good too. I sat happily for most of the session. I normally have cool toes- I did when I went in the chamber, but when I came out they were warm! It was enough to make Mummy comment to Paul who has been monitoring our sessions and he said that HBOT was great for circulation. He put a little machine on my toe (like the ones that doctors put on adult fingers) and it gave a reading of 100% oxygen saturation. I had oxygen flowing from my brain right down to my toes :) I don't normally stay still long enough to have the reading done, but this afternoon I was happy to let it be there.
On Fridays I have swimming lessons (so I had one before I came for my fifth session) Jess my teacher commented that I was looking at her during the lesson, this was completely new for her. She didn't know that I had been having oxygen, it was just a passing comment, but a welcome one! I am glad she had noticed!

Mummy has noticed that my pupils seem to be more dilated, Daddy has noticed that I will flinch now if something comes towards my face, and you just can't sneak into a room anymore with out me wanting a pick up. I think there may be an improvement with my vision, but honestly it is hard to say. I notice when the iron lets off a big puff of stem too. I do seem to be more aware, and happier to go to sleep at night.

The people at Hyperbaric Worx seem to think the next thing that will happen to me is that I should start to put on weight. (So for the record I am 8.2kgs and 80cm long.) They have had success with fixing digestion problems and they think the quantities of dirty nappies I have been doing are a good sign that the bacteria in my digestive system is being fixed up. They are not at all surprised by the smell either :)

HBOT- Day 4

Today when I went in the chamber I dozed on and off. I was really sleepy, so I hardly looked at Mummy at all. Half way through I woke up. I wriggled around so Mummy could see me and I had a bit of a dried up bloody nose... It wasn't much and I don't know how it happened. Mummy took of my hood and cleaned it off. It didn't bleed.  I think maybe I might have scratched it myself... The pressures are always the same as the day before - so 1.5 atmospheres. Though it did give Mummy a bit of a fright!
I seem to be happier in general now too. I can do happy little squeals and like the day before I had HEAPS to say when we were de pressurising and I could cuddle in with Mummy.

You can see a tiny bit of my nose. It really wasn't much but I thought it was worth mentioning

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

HBOT- Day Three

Today I had another session of HBOT. I don't mind hopping in the hood and chamber when I get there. I even let out a little excited squeal! While I was in there I rolled my head from side to side trying to see out some windows and to look at Mummy while I was at it. I did get pretty stiff sitting in there today though and Mummy was bouncing my legs and rubbing them. We have been going to 1.5 atmospheres before I start having oxygen pumped to me. The pressure doesn't bother my ears too much. I give my left ear a bit of a flick with my hand sometimes so we pressurise really slowly.
When the time was up and Mummy took my hood off while we depressurised - gee I had lots to say!
I have been sleeping better too. Last night I went to bed at 9.30 ish and slept right through to 8am!!!
We are going back again tomorrow for another hour. And yes... the dirty nappies are still coming :)
This is me after my 3rd session. I am starting to realise I have two hands... but I sort of discovered this secret before we started :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

HBOT - Day Two

WOW in the last 24 hours I have had ALOT of dirty nappies! I know that's  not really nice news to share but this is really good news for me! :) I guess Hyperbaric Oxygen can help with that too....

Today I went with my Daddy. I didn't grizzle at all and almost went to sleep! We went down deeper than we had the day before- so the concentration of oxygen I received would have been higher. I don't expect any extraordinary changes straight away but it is going to be exciting to see what will happen in the long run with this treatment. 18 more to go!

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Day One

This is me and Mummy in the Chamber- Day One

Yesterday I had my first hour of 20 hours of hyperbaric oxyen therapy (HBOT). I have to wear a hood that covers my head and seals around my waist. It has 2 tubes of the front/side that let 100% oxygen in and removes all my carbon dioxide. I had only had a 15 minute trial the week before. I was having a terrible time with my teeth, I had a runny nose and just cried all the time.  I was feeling so awful I just wanted cuddles :(
One week later I tried again. I got one full hour of oxygen and I only grizzled slightly. It wasn't nice to stay still for so long. It can get very hot in the chamber so even when it is cold outside I still only wear a short sleeved shirt and a pair of shorts. I even have a fan inside. There is a TV that we can watch or we can bring a DVD to pass the time.

At the moment my eye sight is still pretty poor. I can roll over but cannot sit or crawl. I can't speak and I can be fed fork mashed foods... and I am a terrible sleeper most of the time... So there is lots to learn to do!

Hyperbaric treatment puts a high concentration of oxygen in my blood that can travel through to the damaged parts of my brain and start to repair them, this should help for me to create more neuro pathways so I can function better. It can also be good for vision, wound healing and a whole lot of other ailments. They even say that it will keep you looking youthful :)

I have attached a link so you can see diagrams that explain all this http://hyperbaricworx.com.au/whatis.aspx