Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Day One

This is me and Mummy in the Chamber- Day One

Yesterday I had my first hour of 20 hours of hyperbaric oxyen therapy (HBOT). I have to wear a hood that covers my head and seals around my waist. It has 2 tubes of the front/side that let 100% oxygen in and removes all my carbon dioxide. I had only had a 15 minute trial the week before. I was having a terrible time with my teeth, I had a runny nose and just cried all the time.  I was feeling so awful I just wanted cuddles :(
One week later I tried again. I got one full hour of oxygen and I only grizzled slightly. It wasn't nice to stay still for so long. It can get very hot in the chamber so even when it is cold outside I still only wear a short sleeved shirt and a pair of shorts. I even have a fan inside. There is a TV that we can watch or we can bring a DVD to pass the time.

At the moment my eye sight is still pretty poor. I can roll over but cannot sit or crawl. I can't speak and I can be fed fork mashed foods... and I am a terrible sleeper most of the time... So there is lots to learn to do!

Hyperbaric treatment puts a high concentration of oxygen in my blood that can travel through to the damaged parts of my brain and start to repair them, this should help for me to create more neuro pathways so I can function better. It can also be good for vision, wound healing and a whole lot of other ailments. They even say that it will keep you looking youthful :)

I have attached a link so you can see diagrams that explain all this http://hyperbaricworx.com.au/whatis.aspx

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