Saturday, May 14, 2011

HBOT- Day 4

Today when I went in the chamber I dozed on and off. I was really sleepy, so I hardly looked at Mummy at all. Half way through I woke up. I wriggled around so Mummy could see me and I had a bit of a dried up bloody nose... It wasn't much and I don't know how it happened. Mummy took of my hood and cleaned it off. It didn't bleed.  I think maybe I might have scratched it myself... The pressures are always the same as the day before - so 1.5 atmospheres. Though it did give Mummy a bit of a fright!
I seem to be happier in general now too. I can do happy little squeals and like the day before I had HEAPS to say when we were de pressurising and I could cuddle in with Mummy.

You can see a tiny bit of my nose. It really wasn't much but I thought it was worth mentioning

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