Thursday, September 29, 2011


Nearly all the time I have been writing this blog I have been going to swimming lessons once a week. It is really good to be in a class with other children. I really love the water!

When I first started I was the best floater in the class! It didn't bother me one bit to have my ears in the water. It was rather relaxing in the heated pool. I was also really good at closing my mouth when we went under. I didn't like touching the edge of the pool one bit though. It was really an effort for Mummy to hold on to me and try to move my hands along the edge of the pool so I could do my monkey monkies!

Now though it is a different story! I am no longer the best floater. I tend to kink in the middle and Jess my teacher has to hold my head straight on her shoulder when I am floating. I even give her the odd kiss on the cheek... I am too busy to stop and float! I have also started to swallow the water when I go under every now and then. I have finally caught up to the active stage that all the others were at when we first started! I guess that is development for you!

I can open my left hand now to do monkies along the pool and Mummy only has to put my right hand on the edge for me. I can even hold on to my fish sinker that is given to me for when we go under the water. I can't grab it when I am swimming though, but I will take it when it is given to me and see if I can put it in my mouth on the odd occasion!

Horse rides on the pool noodle are my absolute favourites! I really love the giddy up horsey song. I used to laugh and smile when I was riding, now I am too busy licking the noodle! I sometimes have a tendancy to scream when it isn't my turn...

There are lots of other things I do at swimming too. The kids in my class have moved up a level now and they have taken me with them. There are a few skills that they are learning that are too hard for me but I am included and we so something similar but a little different when it is my turn.

I really love my swimming!!

We are smiling... Daddy was a bit quick with the camera!

Monday, September 12, 2011

HBOT - Day 35

It has been noticed by others that I am getting to be extremely vocal. I am just full of screams!! Excited screams, Hungry screams, Pay attention to me screams and Leave me alone screams. There are so many more even and they will all pierce your ear drums! I am also making different sounds, like trying to make an "m" sound or a "b" sound but it comes out more like a raspberry. I mostly do it when I am feeling proud of myself.

Again I noticed that there was a window in the chamber.

This is a photo of the inside of the chamber. You can see that there is a long window at the front and I have a tv on the outside that I can watch. To the left the creamy tubes bring my oxygen in and take my CO2 out of my hood. There is also a microphone on the left hand side. We have bumped this a few times lately and it sets off an alarm that says we need something. There is a call button we can press if we need to on the right hand side just below the head phones. On the right hand side there are headphones you can wear to hear the tv or you can just pull them out to listen through the speaker. We never have the headphones in so Mummy and I can both hear what is going on on tv or if someone from out side is talking to us on their microphone. There is also a little battery operated fan that we can switch on if it gets too hot in the chamber. With all the pressure we have in there it can tend to be a bit hot sometimes!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

HBOT - Day 34

I am really starting to move myself around in the chamber. I spent a LOT of time tapping backwards and forwards between the front of the hood and my mouth. Hood, mouth, hood, mouth, hood, mouth. I did this for a long while. I was so noisy doing it that they could hear me outside! (There is a microphone in there though....) I was making a really good thud when I hit the plastic of the hood with my open palm. I was told by the ladies at FECS (Family and early chidhood services) that this means that I am starting to judge distance by working out how far something is from my mouth.

I could see Daddy again today too. I really like that there is a window there. Mummy is waiting for me to discover that there is two! How mind boggling would that be!?

AND talk about being STARVING!!! I was up again at 3am for 2 Vitabrits...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

HBOT- Days 31, 32 & 33

I have had a good session and a bad session for my 31st and 32nd hour of HBOT. The first session I was happy... the second session I was cranky... and so it goes. Some days there are just some things I don't feel like doing!

Today was my 33rd hour, and I seem to have discovered a little something... Eyes are for looking.... I noticed today that there is a window in the hyperbaric chamber and that Daddy and Corey didn't leave. They were around my chamber just about the whole time! I could lean my head back and see Daddy and he would say BOO! I smiled at him and tapped my mouth, which is what I do when I am happy. I couldn't hear what he was saying but it was pretty clear through the glass! Funny Daddy! I kept looking for him from time to time to see if he was still there. Most of the time he was. Daddy even said that he could hear me talking to Mummy when we were depressurising. I have lots of new sounds I am making since I started HBOT that I need to practice!

We had a few other things to do at the shops while we were at Indooroopilly so we stopped in the food court to have some lunch. My goodness how could  anyone expect me to eat when there was so much going on around me! I couldn't help but look at everyone and everything! I hadn't really noticed anything before. No time for lunch for me while we were there!

For those of you that have read that I am having trouble sleeping you will never guess what... I had a bath, a big dinner and I am tucked in bed asleep with my sleep cd for company.... and it was only 8.30! Sssssshhh... I hope I can sleep right through the night!

Monday, September 5, 2011


Hmmm the last week or more I haven't been able to sleep in my own bed and if I do go to sleep there it isn't for long. I have been sleeping with Mummy and Daddy in their bed and this really hurts Mummy's back. I am going to try using my sleep cd again. It is a rhythmic composition that Mummy and Daddy put on repeat all night. It worked ok for me when we first got it. I wouldn't say it was wonderful but it seemed to help a little.
We got ours from the strong institute in the USA via download