Thursday, September 29, 2011


Nearly all the time I have been writing this blog I have been going to swimming lessons once a week. It is really good to be in a class with other children. I really love the water!

When I first started I was the best floater in the class! It didn't bother me one bit to have my ears in the water. It was rather relaxing in the heated pool. I was also really good at closing my mouth when we went under. I didn't like touching the edge of the pool one bit though. It was really an effort for Mummy to hold on to me and try to move my hands along the edge of the pool so I could do my monkey monkies!

Now though it is a different story! I am no longer the best floater. I tend to kink in the middle and Jess my teacher has to hold my head straight on her shoulder when I am floating. I even give her the odd kiss on the cheek... I am too busy to stop and float! I have also started to swallow the water when I go under every now and then. I have finally caught up to the active stage that all the others were at when we first started! I guess that is development for you!

I can open my left hand now to do monkies along the pool and Mummy only has to put my right hand on the edge for me. I can even hold on to my fish sinker that is given to me for when we go under the water. I can't grab it when I am swimming though, but I will take it when it is given to me and see if I can put it in my mouth on the odd occasion!

Horse rides on the pool noodle are my absolute favourites! I really love the giddy up horsey song. I used to laugh and smile when I was riding, now I am too busy licking the noodle! I sometimes have a tendancy to scream when it isn't my turn...

There are lots of other things I do at swimming too. The kids in my class have moved up a level now and they have taken me with them. There are a few skills that they are learning that are too hard for me but I am included and we so something similar but a little different when it is my turn.

I really love my swimming!!

We are smiling... Daddy was a bit quick with the camera!

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