Monday, September 12, 2011

HBOT - Day 35

It has been noticed by others that I am getting to be extremely vocal. I am just full of screams!! Excited screams, Hungry screams, Pay attention to me screams and Leave me alone screams. There are so many more even and they will all pierce your ear drums! I am also making different sounds, like trying to make an "m" sound or a "b" sound but it comes out more like a raspberry. I mostly do it when I am feeling proud of myself.

Again I noticed that there was a window in the chamber.

This is a photo of the inside of the chamber. You can see that there is a long window at the front and I have a tv on the outside that I can watch. To the left the creamy tubes bring my oxygen in and take my CO2 out of my hood. There is also a microphone on the left hand side. We have bumped this a few times lately and it sets off an alarm that says we need something. There is a call button we can press if we need to on the right hand side just below the head phones. On the right hand side there are headphones you can wear to hear the tv or you can just pull them out to listen through the speaker. We never have the headphones in so Mummy and I can both hear what is going on on tv or if someone from out side is talking to us on their microphone. There is also a little battery operated fan that we can switch on if it gets too hot in the chamber. With all the pressure we have in there it can tend to be a bit hot sometimes!

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