Thursday, September 8, 2011

HBOT - Day 34

I am really starting to move myself around in the chamber. I spent a LOT of time tapping backwards and forwards between the front of the hood and my mouth. Hood, mouth, hood, mouth, hood, mouth. I did this for a long while. I was so noisy doing it that they could hear me outside! (There is a microphone in there though....) I was making a really good thud when I hit the plastic of the hood with my open palm. I was told by the ladies at FECS (Family and early chidhood services) that this means that I am starting to judge distance by working out how far something is from my mouth.

I could see Daddy again today too. I really like that there is a window there. Mummy is waiting for me to discover that there is two! How mind boggling would that be!?

AND talk about being STARVING!!! I was up again at 3am for 2 Vitabrits...

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