Saturday, May 21, 2011

HBOT- Day 10

Two weeks down and another two to go! Today when I was getting set up I had my legs straight and my ankles together. I only crossed them over a couple of times today. Everything was really good again. I was happy for the first part and spent my time tapping around inside my hood or chewing on my right hand! I still use my left hand to put my right hand in my mouth most of the time, but on the odd occasion now I can bring my right arm up to my mouth. The second half of the treatment I was sleepy, I cuddled in and went to sleep. I was not happy for this session to finish- They woke me up!

Daddy and Corey were here again today and I had so much to tell Daddy when I was done! Corey ran over and gave me a big kiss and cuddle and told me "You did it! You did it Blaisie!" It is wonderful to have a brother that loves me so much and thinks I can do anything! He makes me feel really clever xo

This is me hopping in the machine for session 9 (that is Stuart helping). You can see how my legs cross over, this seems to be getting better now

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