Tuesday, May 24, 2011

HBOT - Day 12

Today was a good day for me, but Mummy is getting sick and it hurt her ear terribly. She had to ask Paul to stop and he let a bit of pressure out of the chamber before we tried again. We did get there, it just took 5 minutes longer. They will go slow if someone has trouble with their ears. They won't rush you through pressurisation. We were watching ABC 2 on tv today and I just loved Play School! I had my eyes glued to the tv! Paul asked about my weight, he had noticed that my face is looking chubbier... what do you think?

And again I am looking at the camera :)

Mummy doesn't think we are going to go to our session tomorrow (Wednesday 25th May). I will wait for Daddy on Thursday, he isn't sick.

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