Tuesday, May 17, 2011

HBOT- Day 6

The Friday before I started HBOT I had an appointment with my dietician, not because I was starting this therapy- it was just my scheduled check up. So I know for a fact that before I started with hyperbaric I weighed 8.2kg (with my winter clothes on) and I was 80cm long. Mum weighed me on Sunday- again just because it is something she does from time to time, just checking on me. To her surprise I weighed about 7.5kg!!! I had no clothes on so if my winter clothes weigh 300g I have still lost 400g in one week. EEEK!!! Normally it would take me months to put that weight on! I am very glad that I had my appointment with the dietician last week and not this week...

My appetite has increased ALOT in the last week. I estimate I eat around 700g of food a day now, so in the last 9 days since I started HBOT I have eaten 6.3 Kgs of food. You would think I should have put on weight rather than losing it wouldn't you? My reasoning for my weight loss is..... my dirty nappies! It makes so much sense! SO now you can get some idea of just how many there have been in the last week or so.

My 6th session was pretty much the same as all my others, I am happy to go in the chamber, have my hood put on. I am a little bit cranky, but not too bad and I still have lots to say when we are de pressurising. Mummy noticed that I get pretty dark under my eyes after I resurface and she mentioned this to Paul (who runs the chambers). He said "That is just detoxing".... I think he was a bit surprised that this was happening so soon, because he mentioned it to Stuart (another person at hyperbaric worx). It is a really good thing to be happening. It shows that HBOT is working for my digestive system. Hence (once again) my really smelly nappies and the quantity of them. I must have heaps of toxins I need to get rid of. After being cleaned from the inside out my body should be ready for "restocking" and I should start to gain weight. Lets wait and see :)

You might be able to see that my vision is improving. I am looking up at Mummy when she takes a photo :)

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