Tuesday, May 17, 2011

HBOT- Day 7

Today once again I am really happy to go in the chamber. I give my excited kicks and Paul mentioned that he thinks my legs are getting more movement. It is getting harder for him to slip me into my rubber seal! (I have a latex ring that seals around my belly and the hood clips onto the top of this) My legs are further apart than they usually are. I normally cross them over in a tight X or a V. If you haven't seen this before it is like I would be standing on my own feet or my left foot is my right foot and my right foot is my left. It is a baby reflex that I haven't out grown yet, but perhaps I might be starting to. I dozed on and off again today- And so I should... I have been awake since 1am!
Today I was really hungry again, I ate a banana right before I went in and ate just about a whole 200g tub of yoghurt when I came out, and then a bowl of vegetables an hour and a half after that. Eating and drinking so close to entering the chamber pressures hasn't troubled me at all. I have read that it might, but it doesn't effect me. My chewing seems to be a bit better and I am tolerating meats mashed in my food now too. Onwards and upwards with my eating!

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