Wednesday, May 11, 2011

HBOT- Day Three

Today I had another session of HBOT. I don't mind hopping in the hood and chamber when I get there. I even let out a little excited squeal! While I was in there I rolled my head from side to side trying to see out some windows and to look at Mummy while I was at it. I did get pretty stiff sitting in there today though and Mummy was bouncing my legs and rubbing them. We have been going to 1.5 atmospheres before I start having oxygen pumped to me. The pressure doesn't bother my ears too much. I give my left ear a bit of a flick with my hand sometimes so we pressurise really slowly.
When the time was up and Mummy took my hood off while we depressurised - gee I had lots to say!
I have been sleeping better too. Last night I went to bed at 9.30 ish and slept right through to 8am!!!
We are going back again tomorrow for another hour. And yes... the dirty nappies are still coming :)
This is me after my 3rd session. I am starting to realise I have two hands... but I sort of discovered this secret before we started :)

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