Sunday, May 23, 2010


This is me doing my hydrotherapy. Hydrothearpy is very good for me because it helps me to feel my by body and it is nice to float about in the warm water. The spa needs to be at a special temperature of 34 degrees so that my body does't have to use its energy trying to keep me warm. 
It did take some getting used to though because it was scary  to be so far away from Dad in the water! Now I can splash about and Dad is teaching me the differnce between warm and cold and how to blow bubbles and soon I will start to go under water.
I have been given excercises by the AIAHP (I will tell you all about Chad in another story) that will teach me how to move so I can eventually swim on my own. That would be great! Moving in the water is alot easier than being on the floor, so really learning how to swim should be easier than learning how to crawl!

Thank you to my good friends the Wicks for letting me do these exercises at their house. It is really very nice of them and we appreciate it a whole lot! x o

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  1. thats fine guys glad to be able to help in some way keep up the good work