Saturday, September 4, 2010

Blueberry Cereal

Since I have taken my NGT out I have been working very hard to find a way to eat 700 Calories per day. I found information that said you need 45 Calories per pound of weight. I now weigh 7.2kg approx 14.4 pounds (14.4 pounds x 45 calories = 648 calories needed per day). This Blueberry Cereal contains approx 164 calories.
This is my own recipe and I have done my own calculations so please consult a dietician if you need help with weight gain to ensure a balanced diet.

Blueberry Cereal
(makes approx 110g of cooked cereal)

2 teaspoons of Semolina (weighs approx 15g and contains 39.6 Calories)
1 teaspoon of cerevite (weighs 4g and contains 17.55 Calories)
9 fresh or frozen blueberries (weighs 16g and contains 8.16 Calories)
75mls of full cream milk (contains 48.75 Calories)
1 large teaspoon of honey (weighs 15g and contains 50.30 Calories)

Place all ingredients in a saucepan and stir until it gets hot and thickens. Mash the blueberries in the cereal as it is cooking to mix in the fruit. The cereal will become purple. More liquid can be added during or after cooking if needed.
Allow to cool before serving, again if it is too thick you can add more liquid.

You can change the honey for any kind of syrup for a flavour change. I use honey, golden syrup, maple syrup or malt. All have a good calorie content and add lots of flavour to breakfast time!

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