Tuesday, May 8, 2012

America Day 23 - TheraSuit Session 20

Every single day that I have attended the center Chris has warmed me up and rubbed me with arnica oil. He has been leaving my left arm out because I like to move it around and it makes me happier if it isn't pinned down

Leg exercises with weights were on my to do list today.

As well as pushing down to the table with both my legs

Having the leg splints on makes it really easy to stand up.

More weight bearing on the penut ball

Mummy took LOTS of photos today...

Standing on my own two feet with out shoes will help me to find my own centre of balance,

And I was using them to support my own weight,

My legs have gotten so much stronger in these last 4 weeks

Four point is still not a favourite position for me to be in

And as a result of me not wanting to cooperate, my arms were put in splints so I had no choice!

It was a nice way to finish up all my time here in the USA with a bike ride. A special bike like this is definately on my 'to get' list as soon as I can!

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