Friday, April 18, 2014

America Block 3, Day 1, Kaufman Center session 1

 Today was my first day back at the Kaufman Children's Center. I saw my regular therapist, Jessica and she assessed me to see where I was at with my oral motor skills. She started by swinging me in the swing. One of my favourite things to do. It helps stimulate my vestibular system and gets my nervous system ready to work and process new information.

 I wasn't very keen to get into work today and I did try to fight her a bit. She wanted me to pop the bubble on my lips. It helps me to make good lip closure.

 She also tried me with a cold ice block. I always prefer the Zee-vibe though, because it vibrates. Vibration is one thing I really love.

We are also going to make teeth brushing a priority. It usually takes Mummy and Daddy to hold me while they brush my teeth at home. Most of the time the sensation of the toothbrush in my mouth makes me vomit. This is one thing we would really love for me to be able to tolerate.

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