Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Myofascial Release

3 times per fortnight I go to the Andrea Plumb Clinic in Silkstone. Andrea works on my muscles doing myofascial release therapy, it is hard to describe, it is sort of like she gives me little chinese burns all over. Everyones muscles are coated with a muscular stocking (fascia) that helps to keep all our muscles connected and gives us support. It can also be so strong and pull so tight it is capable of breaking bones!  Because of the trouble I have using my muscles my fascia is tight and she works to loosen it. It does hurt to start with! Depending on which part of me Andrea works on the pain level is different. For example when I had my first visit everywhere hurt. Now in some places it doesn't hurt so much. She aways works on my right arm to help make it easier to move and my legs to help stop them from crossing over like scissors when I kick. I had a session last night and she worked on my neck- gee that hurt! It is a new spot for me! And then we worked on my right arm. It felt so good I nearly went to sleep! So the more I go and the more places I have worked on the less pain I will be in and the more freely I will be able to move. Andrea calls herself a "problem solver" she likes challenges... and I can give her plenty of those! You can see more info about Andrea and her different therapies on her website - She is great!

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