Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Nasal Gastric Tube

This is my brother Corey and me!

Last week I spent a few days in hospital being fitted with a NGT - Nasal Gastric Tube. I am fed through this tube for 10 hours every night, not because I can't eat... because I can... but because I need lots more calories than other children to help me to grow. The doctors have given me a special formula that has 1 calorie per ml. It made me sick for the first few days until they got the dose right. At the moment I am at 27 mls per hour so 270mls per night.
It is a pain and not nice to have, it irritates me and makes it harder for me to eat. But it is lots better than having a permanent one through my belly. Hopefully I won't have to have it in for long if it makes my weight rise faster. I need to put on about 3 kilos... I will keep you all posted :)

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