Friday, September 7, 2012

Feldenkrais Lesson 1

Today I had my first ever Feldenkrais lesson. It was completely different to anything I have ever tried before. I spent an hour and a half rolling happily around the office floor.

Leanne was gently moving me. Putting my feet flat on the floor and getting me to push with my feet so I would slide backwards on my back. She also pushed gently on the soles of my feet so I could feel the movement through my body. She rotated and put pressure on my pelvis and even got me to lift my bottom off the floor! 
Leanne asked a few questions about how I spend my time at home. When Mummy answered that I spend almost all my time on the floor and that I have no wheelchair, equipment, standing frames or aides etc and was medication free she stopped what she was doing with me and reached out and shook Mummy's hand.
Leannne spent a lot of time working on my feet and pelvis and a little on my back. Her theory was that you need to work on establishing the roots before you can start attacking the branches! (my arms and head) The whole lesson I was vocalising, and even though not very much time was spent working on my right arm I managed to partly push myself into a sitting position using my weak right arm only!! I ended up laying back down and pushing up on my left arm, but Mummy's eyes popped out when she saw me do it!
Another real surprise came at the end of the lesson. I wanted to stand up so I could give Leanne a big cuddle and all on my own, without any positioning help I put my left foot down flat! Most of the time I need lots of help with my feet, usually they are both a bit like my right one is here in the photo.

One thing Leanne mentioned (and I can't completely remember the words she used, so I will have to double check this ) was that I had no skeletal structure awareness or connection on my right side, which sounds fairly right. I don't realise I have a right arm or leg, I barely move them.
She asked Mummy to watch me for a couple of days and see what she notices, and also mentioned that I might have a good nights sleep tonight because she pumped me full of information! I will keep you all posted!
I can't wait for lesson 2!!!

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