Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Feldenkrais Lesson 2

Leanne was very interested to hear about my new little achievements!
* I can still stand with my left foot flat
* I rolled over on my knees with my bottom up in the air
* I have elbow propped a little on my right arm
* I repositioned myself in a completely new position while sleeping
I went from sleeping on my belly.... 
To this!
We worked with my right foot a lot today and all the little muscles that are in it.

And after I was able to stand up with both feet flat on the floor

Lots of time was spent on my back and spine too. She said she could tell that no one had worked on it before, I have lots of cocontractures.
I don't have many photos because for a good portion of my time today I was being worked on over Mummy's shoulder!
I was a bit grizzly. Leanne said that is what happens when she does lots of work on children - the information seems to make us a bit tired and cranky. Adults get so tired they fall asleep!
By the end of the lesson my leg was starting to get shaky and was bouncing up and down, Leanne said that this was because my muscles are starting to release - good signs!

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  1. Well I can relate to that. Being massaged and worked on makes me tired too.