Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Kaufman Center - Day 14

I started today in the swing, to help stimulate my vestibular system. This is what helps me to organise and process all the information I am given during  therapy.

I sat up big and tall and keen to start today

I sat up for a drink from the one way straw. Look at my lip seal! I am owning that straw!

Back to the swing with the Z-Vibe for a bit. I really love the vibration of the Z-Vibe

I am starting to nail these frozen blue berries. I chew them up with my big back teeth and swallow them down.

Jessica thinks I should get the hang of sucking from this little food bottle fairly easily. Sometimes I can squeeze it myself too when the mood takes me

I finished the day trying to blow on the recorder. I am much more accepting of new things in my mouth now.

This was my last session with Jessica for this trip. She is going away on holidays so I will see some other therapists for my last week

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