Tuesday, October 1, 2013

TheraSuit September 2013 - Day 15

Today the thought of therapy made me tired.

I worked on some snow angel exercises. When my arms come down by my side I open my legs out

This exercise is for hip stabilisation. I move my legs together to the side to shift the ball off the table. If you do this exercise yourself you can feel how you use both legs to move your body to the side. It will help me be able to stand up tall on my own

I was standing tall here for a while, but I do still tend to flop over.

So Nico bends me right down and puts some pressure on my shoulders. This makes me want to stand up again. It is similar to when a drawer gets stuck and you pull it out some more before you can push it back in.

Standing in the spider, I practiced some stepping. I have a pretty good stepping pattern. Lift, move forward, heel down and lift off on my toe

Mummy and Nico noticed today, that I actually take better steps with out the suit on my legs! I tend to get a bit stuck together around my knees with the suit on

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