Thursday, June 16, 2011

HBOT -Day 20

I have finished my block of 20 hyperbaric oxygen treatments for now. The recommended standard treatment for this therapy is 40 hours (this doesn't mean that you will  be cured in 40 hours, it means that it works best if done in blocks of 40), and I can kind of see why. I have started to notice that my eye sight is getting to be pretty good I think, I can hold my eyes nice and straight to look at things and even to follow them when they move. There is no way anyone can sneak into the room with out me knowing now! Mummy thinks that my pupils seem to be bigger in general now. My digestion is really good too, new and different foods don't seem to bother me as much now and yes, the dirty nappies are still pretty good!

My swimming teacher noticed that I was moving my right arm with excitement in the pool the other day and I am much more vocal than I used to be. I let her know that I am not finished with that pool noodle thank you!

It will  be sad for a while to not go for treatments. Stuart and Paul from Hyperbaricworx are always really happy to see me and excited to hear what I have been up to. But I will be happy for the rest for now. I am sure we will go back for more- hopefully towards the end of the year.

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