Wednesday, August 10, 2011

In between HBOT 20 and 21

Well it has been a little while now since I have completed my 20 hours of HBOT and because of the generosity of a special lady (we don't know who she is- But we truly thank you!) I am back to it again!

In the time since I finished my 20 hours of HBOT I have become more alert, my appetite has remained steady and my dirty nappies have really slowed down, sometimes way too much and Mummy has to help me to do one. I have also gained a little sense of humour... like when I bite someone I think it is funny! Not so funny for the person I got my little razor blades into!! But I don't really do that too often now, I have discovered that Daddy's raspberries are funny, which is much better. I can push up on all fours pretty well if someone gives me a tug on the shoulder, and my balance is getting to be so good that when Mummy sits me up I don't fall over straight away. I can sit for a pretty long time! I can even push right up from all fours and kneel or rest on my knees - Not so good with the balance for this one I'm afraid! My elbow propping came as a surprise to Mummy when I did it for the first time. Apparently this is the step I can do before I can sit up on my own! Exciting times!!
Normally I don't use my right arm at all but now sometimes I can stiffly move it as well.
I can swat at the shower curtain and push it to one side with my left arm when I am anxiously waiting to hop in. It is my favourite time of the day! AND most recently I can put my left hand out to do a semi "monkey" on the side of the pool when I am swimming - I LOVE swimming too! I don't support my own weight on my arm of course, Mummy holds me and moves me along, but it is a BIG difference to the clenched up little fists and tight arms that I used to have for monkeys. I have been sleeping pretty well the last few weeks too.

I have also learned that I have a voice! I have a couple of new sounds, no words yet and the monster of all screams!!!

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