Monday, August 29, 2011

Thera Togs

Today I received my very own set of thera togs. They are like a second skin that is going to hold my body in the right position. Hopefully they will give me a helping boost when it comes to balance, scissor legs and with my trunk control. I am going to wear them every day under my clothes and see what difference they make to my movement.

This is me asleep in them at FECS where I do some of my therapy. I will wear them under my clothes like a singlet


  1. is this just a trial thing or is it available very where?

  2. They are available every where. Not sure on the price though, Blaise's were donated by a little girl that had out grown them. You might also be able to access funding through variety or similar.
    The website is below :)
    Milestones Therapy
    Sydney, Australia