Saturday, August 20, 2011

HBOT - Day 26

In my last 5 sessions since I have started my new course of HBOT, I have been a bit cranky, I am still waiting for my nappies to kick in fully even though sometimes under my eyes is very dark. It doesn't seem like I have experienced the amount of changes I did when I first started.

My session yesterday was my 26th hour of hyperbaric oxygen. Today I explored lots more than I ever have before. I turned around as much as I could to see what there was to see in the hyperbaric chamber and the reach I had with my left arm was pretty good. I manouvered so that I could look at Mummy right in the face, and when we locked eyes she thinks she may have seen something... It was a new kind of "sparkle" in my eyes. A bit hard for her to explain... It was a knowing look, perhaps a look of realisation that I can do things, enjoy things. My eyes seemed clearer and brighter. It might seem silly I guess... after all, all I did was turn to look at her! I think Mummy might be getting a bit "impatient" for some more HBOT magic to kick in... She is too keen to see some more of the changes she saw in the first 20 hours.

All we can do is wait and see what the next 14 hours of HBOT will bring. Looking back I had my first increase of awareness around hour 10. We are approaching my 30th hour now so perhaps there might be a whole new flood of skills I can develop!

This is Daddy and Me while Stuart is attempting to get my blood pressure reading!

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