Thursday, August 11, 2011

HBOT - Day 22

I discovered the cold hard edge of the hyperbaric chamber today. I reached out with my left hand and tapped it a few times on my way in. I caught the giggles again today, but then I started to get cranky before we had reached full compression. Stuart released some pressure from the chamber and let me sit for a minute before we continued.
It was pretty non eventful. I tapped around inside my hood all my usual things. I was a little bit cranky and I got a little bit hot in there today I think, my hood started to fog up- normally if this happened we would turn the oxygen off and remove the hood to let the warm air out, but this happened right before the end so we left it on.

The dark circles I get below my eyes from HBOT are back now too. Just waiting for the dirty nappies that come with it!

We said good bye to Stuart and caught the train home. When we were on the train Mummy noticed my left nostril was a little bloody, nothing major, but any surprise like this always gives mummy a bit of a start! Looking back this happened to me on my 4th HBOT session too...  I never did find out the cause and it didn't happen again until today. It is something to monitor when we finish this series of HBOT and are going back for another block of treatments. Just to see if it is connected some how.

This is my brother Corey!

Hello Corey....

Let me give you a kiss!

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