Monday, August 22, 2011

HBOT - Day 27

I really think I might have developed that new "sparkle"! There are a few things I have done that have been truly understood by myself and others. I DEFINATELY love the fact that I can stink people out with my nappies! I got Daddy with a sneaky one last night and it was HILARIOUS!! I was laughing and laughing - we all were. I knew exactly what was funny about that stuation! It was so good to laugh with everyone at the same thing. I think this could be the first time this has ever happened.

I am also practicing my speaking. Today I had my session of myofascial release with Andrea from the Andrea Plumb Clinic. I had a good old chat with her- it beats doing the work she wants me to do, I can tell you that! I haven't often done this really, but today I had lots I was trying to say. Andrea even noticed some of my new sounds. Mummy and Daddy had noticed ofcourse, but it is nice to hear some one comment that I was doing something new.

So back to HBOT..... I must say that I am getting back into the swing of being a professional Hyperbaric-er! Session 27 is all done! I am getting really good at tapping around, today I was talking to Mummy while I had my hood on. I even grabbed on the the microphone that is in the chamber (so people on the outside can hear what I am saying) before my hood was put on. I have just discovered that there are things I can actually touch in there! It seemed to be an extremely long hour today. I went to sleep. Mummy almost did too... shhh.

Stuart has been trying to take my blood pressure more lately. It was something that I would never stay still enough for him to do. Now I have let him do it twice. There was something really special about one of my readings today though... My resting heart rate...

Before I went in for my session today my resting heart rate was 127 beats per minute.  The average heart rate for someone my age is probably between 100-120 beats per minute. When I first started HBOT my heart rate was nearly 140 beats per min. It is because of my CP that I have a high heart rate.
When I came out of the chamber it was the lowest it had ever been - wait for it... 63 beats per minute!! Stuart was just blown away!! It had halved! I had 98% saturation so I was breathing in LOTS of oxygen. LOTS of oxygen to get through to the oxygen starved portions of my brain! And my heart is working less for me to get it there now.

Mummy knew there was something special about my "sparkle"... These are very exciting times....

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