Sunday, August 28, 2011

HBOT - Days 29 & 30

I have done 30 sessions now and boy I am a wriggle worm! I am super itching to get myself around. I am getting to be so full of movement! I tap just about everything I can touch and I have become very orally fixated, my tonge is always keen to see what there is that I can taste. My own left hand is a good one, so is the pool noodle and my swimming teachers swim shirt! I am getting comments from everyone about my now BIG VOICE and how active I am. I am so full of beans and giggles now. I am feeling great!

There has been a small error in the amount of sessions that were donated to me, there are only 10, not 20 like we originally thought. I am still going to try to get up to my 40 hours as fast as I can though.

This is the front of the hyperbaric chamber with all it's instruments and gadgets

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