Saturday, August 13, 2011

Conductive Education

Last week I went for a 2 hour trial at Conductive Education Queensland at Coopers Plains. I must say that it seems to be the best sort of active therapy I have done yet. I didn't like that Annette (the lady in the photo) was moving my arms and legs to do things, but every now and then I got a flicker of a look in my eyes when I did something I didn't know I could do- THAT'S what my legs are for... WOW if I hold on I don't fall over... I WANT that red toy... little things like that.
If I needed to get around the room for different exercises, I was made to roll. Everyone sang lots of songs which made what we were doing more fun. Mummy only knew a couple of them, so once we learn them we will be able to join in more with the other families and their singing.
I really hope we will be able to go back, it is in a little bit of an awkward place transport wise for Mummy and me, but we are going to see what we can work out.

I lean, I lift, I step
I can see Blaisie!

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