Wednesday, August 10, 2011

HBOT - Day 21

Well I am back in the saddle again and yesterday was my 21st HBOT session! I was very happy to be going back to HyperbaricWorx!

When the chamber was pressurising I got a sudden burst of the giggles! It was so contagious that Mummy caught them and then Stuart (who was pressurising us) caught them too! I did my usual tap, tap, tapping around on the inside of the hood. I got a bit restless after a while today - I think Mummy needs to remember to make sure I have a nice full belly before I hop in the chamber. I was a little bit cranky at times and there wasn't anything that could be done for me whilst I had my hood on!

The thing Mummy did forget though - and did not miss mind you - was how hungry this makes me. I was up at 3.15 this morning for two vita brits. This is the quickest and easiest thing for Mummy to get me at this wee hour of the morning!

This is also an interesting piece of information that I have come across too, I do my HBOT at 1.5 ATA :)

Hyperbaric Oxygenation Increases Patients own Stem Cells By Eight-Fold

... 2 hours HBOT at 2 ATA; doubles the patients own circulating stem cells

... 40-60 hours HBOT increases circulating stem cells by 8-fold (800%) !!

If this is true it is no wonder HBOT can do amazing things!

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