Tuesday, August 23, 2011

HBOT - Day 28

For something different I went into the chamber with Daddy today! I was very active! I spent my hour tapping and kicking and rocking backwards and forwards and turning to look all around. I have never really kicked or rocked in there before. I spent some time giggling too! I have come to notice that the hyperbaric chamber is an interesting place- there is lots of new things for me to see.
There has been a tricky bit for the last 3 or so sessions when we are going under pressure where my ear starts to hurt a little bit. Stuart told Mummy that it is happening at the same pressure all the time, he suspects that my ears could be a bit waxy at the moment.

Daddy likes to tickle me so my ears don't hurt. I like it too!

There is lots to see in the chamber...

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