Sunday, February 12, 2012

Results on the CPL food trial

The high calorie food trial has finished. I can't say that it really helped me with any weight gain, although perhaps it meant that I only needed to eat smaller portions of food. At first when I ate it I was a bit surprised with the smoothness. I am used to something a bit "chunkier" because I am learning to chew now.

The vegetable lentil flavour was ok. I barely noticed it when it was mixed in my food and I could eat it on its own if I was really hungry.

The Banana Smoothy had a funny taste. I didn't like this on its own at all and to eat it Mummy had to mix it in with yoghurt. She couldn't mix much in because it had a VERY strong flavour. We didn't use much of this one. It really put me off my food when it was mixed in.

We also found that if I had more than a couple of packets in a few days it would give me a touch of the runs. We discussed this with our speech therapist who was coordinating this with the dietician and she said that it had occurred in a few children too. Perhaps because it contained a lot of essential oils.

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