Thursday, February 16, 2012

Syntonic Phototherapy

Tonight was my third night of trying a new therapy called "Syntonic Phototherapy".

My current syntonic phototherapy programme needs to be done once a day 7 days a week for 28 days. Each session is 20 mins. I need to be in a completely dark room and look at a coloured light. This sounds easier than it really is. The light needs to be 50cm from my face in my line of sight. So Mummy and Daddy have been waiting for me to go to sleep and positioning the box so it is where it needs to be.

I don't need to have my eyes open for this therapy to work. You can see light through your eyelids when your eyes are closed. Just like if someone shines a torch in your eyes or you close them because the sun is in them, you can still see  the light.

For week 1 I look at a Blue/Green light for 20 mins.
For week 2 this changes to a Blue/Green light for 15 mins and a Lemon light for 5 mins.
Week 3 and 4 are still Blue/Green for 10 mins and Lemon for 10 mins.

Gradually I will move towards red lights.

This therapy makes a difference to some people, but some people it makes no difference at all. It has even been recorded to aid with sleeping and skin conditions!

I have yet to see any differences with my vision, but it is only day 3 of 28 days with a Blue/Green light!

 This is what the light looks like, It comes from a little rectangle box with a round light, and a coloured slide slots in the top to change the colour.

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