Friday, March 1, 2013

TheraSuit Australia - Day Twenty Eight

Nico warmed me up as usual and he spent a few minutes having a chat with me.

After I was warmed up and stretched I was splinted and wrapped.

Then I moved on to reciprical exercises. Pushing down one leg after the other in a stepping motion.

Then I pushed down with my right arm and leg while my left one was positioned so that I couldn't use it to compensate with. This made the exercises with my right leg harder.

Then I worked on my glutes.

My four point exercises are getting much easier. This doesn't mean I like them any more than before though!

I spent some time weight bearing on my hands.
I get better and better as the days go on.
Walking and balancing with no  hands.

This photo just blew Mummy away. I held on with no strapping bare hands and was happy about it!!

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