Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Therapies in Retrospect

Looking back, 2011 has really been a great year for me. I found and took part in some really promising new therapies as well as continuing with some old faithfuls!

I continued working hard with Andrea from AP Therapies
(Approx 48 hours)
As good as this looks I am not crawling, just balancing

Completed 40 hours of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at Hyperbaric Worx

Worked hard doing 10 hours of Bobath Therapy

18 hours of combined PT/OT/SP

44 Swimming lessons (total 14.4 hours)

About 10 Chiropractic adjustments
(Sorry, no pics of me, I am not the happiest here- although I feel great afterwards!)

The tiniest bit at Conductive Education Queensland
(I really want to get back for more of this!)

All of these therapies have really kept me busy this year. Not to mention all the other appointments I have had also.... Every one of these have helped me come a really long way in 2011!

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