Monday, December 12, 2011

HBOT - Day 38

On Friday I did my 38th hour of HBOT. I am starting to settle back in the the rhythm of things. The pressure only bothered me a little and I put my hand in my hair (as I do when I am getting comfy) and had a little sleep for the first part of the hour. I still woke up and cried a little, though nothing like I have been crying. I still seem to be a little stiff.... I have had Andrea (my therapist) and Rob (my chiro) comment on how stiff my legs and ankles have been lately too.
The dark circles have come back faintly under my eyes and I have done a couple of HBOT poos! (You can tell they are caused by the Hyperbaric Oxygen, because the smell is not normal and really awful!)

I am starting to explore inside my hood again too by tapping all around inside with my left hand.

Not long to go and I will have completed my first whole cycle of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy!!
Getting ready for a sleep!

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