Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I have had so many positive changes occur during 2011!

I have started gaining weight!
The textures I can eat have greatly increased!
My legs don't "scissor" like they used to!
I am stronger!
I can use my jolly jumper!
I can balance when I am positioned to sit!
I can sit myself up if I am on an incline!
My muscles are looser and easier to move!
I notice lots more things around me now!
I can pat faces and pull hair and ears with my left hand!
I am much more vocal and have a much louder "voice"!
I held on to and ate an ice cream (once)!
I can push up with my hands (with help) and sit on my knees (balancing still needs work)!
I roll over and over and over!

An example of my looseness!

May 2011

December 2011

I am sure there are more too! If I think of them before the end of the year I will add them in!

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