Sunday, December 18, 2011

CPL Special High Calorie Food Trial

I am taking part in a high calorie food trial with the Cerebral Palsy League. I need LOTS of calories to help me grow and keep weight on. It is a common practice for children like me with Spastic Quadraplegic Cerebral Palsy to have a peg or a button placed through their belly and directly into their stomach. But this is something that Mummy and Daddy have refused to do. I have trialled a nasal gastric tube before, but the nutrini formula that they normally feed you on made me sick and it didn't seem to help my growth at all. AND to top it off I forgot how to eat...

The Cerebral Palsy league in conjunction with a dietician have developed some pre packaged high calorie foods that they need to trial. They are looking to find information about taste - do I like it...? Will I get sick of the taste...? Does it affect my weight...? Only time will tell!

I have been given two flavours for this 4 week trial. Vegetable and Lentil and Banana Smoothy
They are a pureed consistency, and perhaps not really that tasty. The Vegetable and Lentil is the better tasting of the two. Mummy can't say that she would like to eat it all the time. It has a little bit of an odd taste that she can't quite put her finger on... It has lots of sweet potato and essential oils in it (for a calorie boost) but I eat sweet potato all the time. Mummy has been mixing some in with my normal veges and it masks the flavour a little bit.
The Banana Smoothy Is sickly sweet. It also tastes a bit funny to Mummy and Corey didn't like it at all! Yuck! Mummy has been mixing this with some yoghurt and it goes down ok. I had two serves of it in a row yesterday and it made me vomit. Not sure if it was because I gorged myself or if it really is that sweet that a really small amount will do.

I can't say that the taste of either one is yucky to me. I don't mind eating either of them. Again this is a "time will tell" scenario.

Right now I weigh 9.2kgs and I am about 85cms long. Stay tuned!

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