Thursday, December 1, 2011

Getting back to HBOT

Well after a break from HBOT I am finally getting back to do my final 5 hours this year. This will bring me up to 40 hours, which is classed as a full block of hyperbaric oxygen treatment. So we are heading back to Hyperbaricworx tomorrow.

I have been getting a few muscle spasms lately and they really hurt me sometimes. I very rarely had these when I was having regular HBOT. So I am hoping that it is HBOT that will make a differnce.

This aside, I have still been progressing. My right hand is generally more relaxed than it has ever been. My balance and strength is improving and I am gaining weight. I still regularly see a dietician to monitor this and I have found that sustagen for kids has helped me put on more weight than I had been before adding this to my diet. I am currently 9.2 kgs and 84.5cm tall.

I also discovered something new and exciting the other week... It is called ice cream! I have never fed myself before - and I still haven't done it again yet. But as someone said to me we are coming into the right time of year to get lots of practice at it!!

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