Monday, February 18, 2013

TheraSuit Australia - Day Twenty Five

Today is the last day of my fifth week

Nico is still working on loosening my adductors on the inside of my thigh

But then he surprised me... he let me show him what I had learned. I can lift and hold my own head up off the ball. I even had a few smiles to give out. I was pretty proud of myself!

And I did some pretty good standing up. I had good balance.

Nico was very pleased and so was I! I had big smiles and kisses for Nico!

I couldn't do what I wanted all day though, so it wasn't long before Nico had me back working.

My right arm is starting to come along nicely. I have been using it to help propel me forward when I am trying to sit up - I even reached for my Nanna with my right arm when she stopped in to visit today!

Every day Nico spends some time to help stimulate my vestibular system.

Today I walked to Daddy. Good fast steps - Getting better every day!

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