Monday, February 18, 2013

TheraSuit Australia - Day Twenty Four

Warming up with hot water bottles before I start my hard work for the day.

Nico is going to spend a little bit of extra time on my legs today. He has noticed that I am starting to cross the midline a little bit too much when I step

This is working on reciprocation. Pushing down with one leg, then the other in a stepping motion.

Kicking the ball on the table helps me use my adductors. These are the muscles that are pulling my legs too far over my midline when I walk

My neck muscles are starting to get lots stronger!

I did some wonderful standing today! Nico was helping me practice taking steps with my left leg. It is harder for me to step with my left foot because I need to put all my weight on my weaker right leg.

I am doing sit to stand exercises using only my right arm. My left one is strapped to my side so I can't use it.

As well as spinning in the chair today, Nico also pushed me backwards and forwards.

My walking is getting faster now too. I take lots more steps than I used to and I cover a larger distance, which is good!

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