Sunday, February 10, 2013

TheraSuit Australia - Day Twenty Two

Getting warmed up and strapped in. My days with this therapy run pretty much the same and I am starting to dread what comes next.

Pushing 2.5kgs on my arms is a mean feat in itself!

Let alone having to think of and push with my arms and legs at the same time!

Then I practice using my own muscles to lift my own bottom off the bed.

Strengthening my core muscles by using the triceps in my right arm is super hard work!

But you can see that all my hard work is starting to pay off. My muscles are getting stronger and I am able to control them better on my own.

The amount of concentration needed to be able to crawl is tremendous. I need to think about my arms, legs, head and neck, while I try to remember the order to move them in and to keep my balance. I am slowly starting to get a bit faster and sometimes more accepting of this exercise. Don't get me wrong - I still hate it!
I practice my sit to stand exercises with only my right arm. I use it to help me push up into a standing position.

After spinning to stimulate my vestibular system to help me process all my new input, Nico checks my eyes to watch how long it takes me to stop being dizzy. They we spin back  the other way.

Today I walked the longest and the fastest I have ever walked. I walked straight across the hall and in to the next room where Daddy was cheering me on!

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