Monday, February 18, 2013

TheraSuit Australia - Day Twenty Six

One of the first things Nico told us was that Mondays are the hardest. It is like starting a new batch of therapy again.

The reciprical exercises we hard today.

The adductor exercises were hard too. Nico has added 500g weight to my foot that I need to shift to kick the ball off. There is also 1kg strapped to my ankle. He is really working my adductors hard so I can control them enough to take good strong steps.

I worked on using my glutes to push down weights.

And then we worked on stretching my adductors some more.

Look how tall I am when I am standing straight!!

We worked on crawling in four point. Look at my nice flat hands!

I am working hard with my muscles. Nico is helping me all he can to help me to learn to shift my body weight on to my weaker right leg. I have 1.5kgs on my right leg and 500g on my left leg. There can be no mistaking that I have 2 legs and that I can shift them.

Time to stimulate my vestibular system - my "super highway" to transport all my new knowledge so I can process all I have learned.

My legs were really tired and all I wanted to do is sit down. It took all my strength to get up and walking - which of course I did!

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