Friday, February 8, 2013

TheraSuit Australia - Day Seventeen

I don't know why, but I am still not liking this warming up business very much. It doesn't hurt much - some of the stretches can be hard, but I think mostly I know what comes next.

The weights on my arms and legs. I can isolate the muscles I need to use now and I am starting to be able to push down well

It still takes every ounce of my energy though!
I work on the ball to try to strengthen my neck muscles. In this exercise I have to lift my head up using only these muscles - Hard work indeed!
Then I do some stretching up before moving on to the dreaded four point...
I am working on my crawling. Moving one arm forward, then my leg.
I spin in the chair to stimulate my vestibular system before I go walking.

I am getting faster and better with my stepping. I know the leg I have to move and how to push the walker forward. I need to work on pushing up with my legs and holding my head up before I will be able to do this on my own.... so much to think about when I walk!


  1. hi from italy, my name is michele and i'm a nico's friend
    he's a very nice boy and i'm sure that he'll do a very good work with your little boy suffering from this bad desease.
    greets to everyone and also greet nico!

  2. Hi Michele! Nico has been great with Blaise and we are working hard on new skills. I will say hello to Nico :)