Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 - A year of change and skill building

There have been some pretty big improvements with my skills in 2012.
* I have learned to SIT UP!!!
(This is so great! Shopping trolleys or little carousels in the shopping are no problem now!)
*I can shuffle and turn around when I am sitting on my bottom!
*I will reach out and grab the person or item I am after and will hold on when they pick me up!
*I have much more strength and motivation!
*I am LOTS more vocal!
*On the rare occasion I am starting to use and move my right arm when I need it!
*I make lots more eye contact!
*I am kicking my legs independently in the pool!
*I am more alert!
*I recognise if we are going somewhere - leaving the gates, or arriving at swimming!
*I am trying to take STEPS if I am standing up and want to get to someone!
*The textures I can eat have improved and my chewing is getting good!
*I have increased hunger!
*The volume of food I can eat has greatly increased!
*I have reached 10 kg in weight!!!!!!!
*I can drink from a cup or water bottle!
Me and my big brother Corey


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