Wednesday, January 16, 2013

TheraSuit Australia - Day Seven

The thought of starting therapy is enough to start me off crying in the mornings now. Just getting within range of the cage is enough - even when Nico came to say good morning I cried!

Nico spends time stretching and moving my right arm, because I never use it. I compensate with my left side for everything.

The weights on my right side are getting heavier as I am getting used to the exercise - gotta build up those red muscle fibres!!

3.5kgs on my right leg and 1kg on my right arm!

The weights on my arms have also increased to 3.5kg!

I had a quick energy boost before moving on to my next exercise...

4.5kgs are attached to my legs now!!

New exercise right here! Nico is working my building the red and white muscle fibres. The red muscle fibres are used when you are using your muscles in a statained manner, like standing or holding something heavy like the weights I am doing on my arms and legs. The white muscle fibres are used for quick movements.

By holding on to my left side, Nico is making me fight him with my right in an attempt to get away. My right arm and leg move across to the midline which is what I will need to do on my own to walk independently.

My standing posture has gotten so much better in the last week and a half too! My legs are straight and stronger on my own

And today I rocked backwards and forwards on my hands and knees, shifting my weight from my legs to my arms! A step in the right direction for crawling!

We have been finishing the day with the walker and practicing taking steps. I was pretty tired today, but still managed to get a few good steps in!

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