Tuesday, January 29, 2013

TheraSuit Australia - Day Thirteen

Every morning at the start of each session, I look at Mummy with pleading eyes... I am tired... please take me away... I need a rest...
I work on pushing my arms down against the weight.

Nico is teaching me to reach across to my left side with my right arm. If I do it well I am able to give some back to Nico, with a big right hook!

Pushing up and stretching before I go into four point

Four point is starting to get a little bit easier for me now.

I just need to work on weight bearing on my arms.

More vestibular system stimulation

 and steps in the walker,
Then I am finished and I can rest. I still get therapy even when I am resting. Nico really wants me to learn how to use my right side so he has put sandbags on my left arm and leg

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